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This project is very much alive.

Latest highlights

An updated and, we feel, stronger application was submitted to Round 3, Window 2 of the Community Ownership Fund prior to the deadline on October 11th. We await the results in mid- to late-December 2023. The Share Offer document has been independently reviewed and received the Community Shares Standard Mark. Lastly, through the generosity of individuals and the profits from the recent 'Pop-up Bell' we have passed our target of £6,000 in donations towards ongoing costs and professional fees.



Pledges currently stand at £195,000 which is fantastic, and they continue to come in. However we are still short of our target if we are to be able to purchase the pub and carry out the necessary renovations required. So, if you haven’t pledged, or if you’d like to increase your pledge please do so on the website.


  • If you are an individual please pledge - Click here 


  • However, if you own and run a Limited company you could save some tax by pledging - Click here


More updates will follow shortly but if you have any questions please get in touch by emailing us at and a committee member will come back to you.


Best wishes


Save the Bell Committee

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If you are interested in more information or to make a pledge, please access the "make a pledge" page using the main menu or use the button below


Read about some of the myths around buying The Bell as a community asset

Why it will work

Information on why pubs owned by communities work and can be successful when so many are closing

We are not the first

Details about other community owned pubs, their experiences and where they are today

The story so far...

  1. A group of 21 individuals registered and applied for The Bell at Pensax to become an Asset of Community Value (ACV) on 7th November 2022 - Assets of Community Value - Malvern Hills District Council

  2. Malvern Hills classified The Bell at Pensax as an Asset of Community Value on 15th December 2022. This triggered a six-week period in which the group had to decide if they wished to make a bid (this period ended 26/01/23) for The Bell and an overall six-month moratorium for the bid to be made. This Moratorium ran until 15th June 2023.

  3. Facebook page “Save The Bell at Pensax” launched which now has well over 1,000 members-

  4. A group of locals who regularly used The Bell at Pensax formed a Working Group to see if they could drive a community bid to purchase The Bell.

  5. The Working Group has liaised with other organisations including;

  6. The Working Group has been meeting on a regular basis since the end of 2022. Please see minutes section for details.

  7. A survey was launched by the Working Group to gauge interest and support for buying The Bell as a community asset. 376 individuals completed the survey with the responses overwhelmingly positive and including many offers of support and much interest in the Community Pub option.

  8. The Working Group contacted many local parish councils and asked if they could publicise the "Save the Bell at Pensax" survey and Facebook page through their mailing lists. Other channels for publicity include social media, websites and village magazines.

  9. The Working Group raised some initial funds via donations and a £2,000 grant from the District Council to pay for the survey, meeting spaces, posters and flyers, website costs and a valuation.

  10. A professional business valuation of The Bell was carried out in early February.

  11. Posters and Flyers (5,000) have been distributed to businesses and homes in Pensax, Rock, Clows Top, Abberley, Bayton, Stockton, Menithwood and Great Witley.

  12. A "Save the Bell at Pensax" website has been developed.

  13. A Public Meeting was held in Abberley Village Hall on the 1st March 2023. The Working Group provided updates on the progress made to date and asked people to consider making a Pledge. This would allow the Working Group to gauge the financial feasibility of the project. Over 150 people attended the meeting including Parish, District and County Councillors.

  14. Pledge forms were given to all those that attended the Public Meeting and an online Pledge form was added to the website.

  15. The Working Group signed up for a Community Business Membership of the Plunkett Foundation.

  16. On 12th April 2023 'The Bell at Pensax Community Pub Limited' was formed as a Community Benefit Society (CBS) with official oversight by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number: RS009050

  17. On 23rd April 2023 Lloyds Business Banking advised that a business account had been opened for The Bell at Pensax Community Pub Limited.

  18. On 15th April 2023 a 'Pop-up Bell' social event was held in Abberley village hall with 150+ people attending. There was a fully stocked bar, a pig roast, live music and a progress update on the Save The Bell project.

  19. A media campaign in April 2023 saw the campaign featured on Central News, BBC Hereford & Worcester and in various local press publications.

  20. In June 2023, with pledges to buy shares in the Community Benefit Society approaching £200,000 and an application to the Community Ownership Fund being developed, a formal offer to purchase The Bell was made ahead of the Moratorium period ending.

  21. On 9th July 2023 the Working Group agreed a price to purchase The Bell freehold and fixtures and fittings. The price has not been made public but will be available in the Share Offer document once this is published.

  22. On 12th July 2023 a formal application was submitted to the Community Ownership Fund for a grant of £250,000 towards the purchase of The Bell as a community pub.

  23. In August 2023 an appeal was launched to raise £6,000 in donations to help cover ongoing costs including a structural survey and legal conveyancing costs. Over £3,000 was donated in the first 7 days of this appeal being launched.

  24.  'Pop-up Bell #2' took place on 9th September 2023 returning to Abberley village hall for an even bigger and better community gathering. Once again there was excellent food, a bar, local musicians and The Bell 'house band' Hot Rox.

  25. September 2023 included an application to the Malvern Hills Rural Fund and the awarding of the Community Shares Standard Mark to the Share Offer document which is ready to go as soon as the sources of all funding are clear.

  26. Unfortunately, on September 22nd the group was informed that the application to the Community Ownership Fund had been unsuccessful. The decision was taken to re-apply in the next Window (by 11th October).

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