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The first record of the pub was when it was known as “The Hill of the Pits” – used by those working in the local coal mines. This was possibly in the 1790’s. There had been mining in Pensax since the reign of Elizabeth I.


By November 1821, the pub was known as The Bell and was so described in auction particulars at that time. The early history of the Bell was somewhat chequered! In 1862, the Landlord was fined for using unjust weights and measures and in 1869, the Landlord was fined £1 plus costs for selling beer outside lawful hours. In 1902, the then Landlord, Charles Neath was charged “under the Highways Act with being asleep in charge of a horse and trap and not having control over the same”.

By 1884, a new building had been erected on the site of the old.


Until the 1980’s, the bar was housed in a small room with customers standing in the corridor, being served beer through a hatch. The few seats behind the bar were only used by customers of many years’ standing. Beware the trap for the unwary customer finding a seat there – and ending up paying for all the drinks!


From the Wayside Inns of Worcestershire: “The Bell is the perfect example of what a wayside inn should be. A free house serving a range of real ales, cider and perry from regional breweries.”

I recent times, the Bell has received numerous awards from CAMRA:


2003 - West Midlands Pub of the Year

2007 - Worcestershire Pub of the Year

2015 - Wyre Forest Gold Pub of the Year


Despite valiant efforts by the current owners, the lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic eventually forced the Bell to close in October 2022.

The Save The Bell Working Group hopes that it will not be too long before you are welcomed again to this splendid pub and the Bell resumes its position as a centre for social activity in the local area and beyond.

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